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ILEA Insider!

Hello ILEA Orlando!

First, we would like to thank Sara Desmond our immediate past president and the 2016-2017 board for a great year! Now please help us congratulate our new President, Ashley Hall, and welcome her and our new board of directors that have hit the ground running in July! 

What have we been up to?

The 2017 board has already executed a successful event in conjunction with NACE Orlando, The Event Industry Showcase. Over 40 companies displayed innovative items and services available in the Central Florida area drawing over 300 guests.  Visit our ILEA Orlando Facebookpage to see a highlight reel of the excitement and sensations we had represented at this year’s show.  We look forward to continually growing this event every year with additional exhibitors and guests! 

ILEA Orlando also hosted a special member only event in August.  Connie Riley, CPM, CSEP took the time to host this event giving members a rare opportunity to get more in-depth information on the prestigious CSEPdesignation.  

This past week ILEA ORLANDO was represented in Calgary for ILEA LIVE networking with event professionals around the globe, learning about trends and exciting influences in our field and we look forward to the knowledge and excitement the bring back to us!  If any of our members wish to attend the next ILEA Live in August 2018 take a moment to apply for the ILEA Orlando scholarship fund that provides an honored member every year with financial support to help them elevate their ILEA LIVE experience.  Applications will be accepted in May 2018.

Congratulations to our very own Rick Andrews for being a proud ILEA Legacy Member, with an impressive 25 plus years of amazing leadership and membership to our association.  Rick Andrews, we truly appreciate your commitment and continued support if ILEA for the past quarter of a century!  

Up Next!

We have our 5th Annual ACES Charity Event!  Your ILEA Orlando Chapter annually hosts the one of a kind fundraising event open to the public, ACES Charity Event.  This year’s event will take place on Friday, September 22nd at 1010 WEST and will benefit both ILEA Orlando Education Fund and Search Foundation. The Search Foundation was formed in 1997 and exists to assist special event, meetings and hospitality professionals faced with an illness or any catastrophic occurrence. This event is very important in helping ILEA Orlando raise funds to elevate the chapter’s education and add value for our members. Plus it’s a lot of fun so make sure to come, bring your coworkers, a date, a friend, or better yet 10 friends!

From YOUR Board

The ILEA Orlando Board is here to service our chapter.  We strive to create value and pride in our local event community, as well as educate our members so that they can continue to grow their knowledge and success in our industry.   We aim to engage our membership by making sure we continually elevate the value of membership and ensure that we are delivering what our membership wants and needs.  We urge every member to get involved in any way they can, no matter what the level of involvement is.  Members can be engaged in a variety of ways by joining a committee, joining the board, or simply attending meetings and completing our 5-minute survey communicating your thoughts, needs and views following each meeting.

Remember to fill out the surveys emailed out after every monthly meeting to assist us in making every event valuable to our members and guests! Everyone who fills out a post event survey gains a chance to win a free meeting!  


“When I talk about the art of the event, I like to talk about it like a painter approaches his art. You see every color, every brush stroke, everything in the painting when you’re in front of it. Later, you remember the emotions it evoked.”

            - Laura Schwartz (Professional speaker, International television commentator, Author)

Laura was a former Special Assistant to the President and the White House Director of Events during the Clinton Administration.  Following her White House years, she authored “Eat, Drink and Succeed” and embarked on a career as a keynote speaker where she shares her secrets to success.  In 2012, she received the Steve Kemble Leadership Foundation Award.  Some of you may have seen her as the featured speaker at the April 2009 ILEA Orlando meeting at the airport Hyatt!   To learn more about Laura visit:

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